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Why is the D'fine Corporate Challenge Wellness Program the #1 in the US?

Because we create an organic culture that stimulates behavior change at a individual level for each employee!

Let's set the record straight. Webinars and online programs are ineffective when it comes to creating lifestyle changes. Many employees simply "go through the motions" to receive a company sponsored reward, but don't retain the information.  If people can't retain the information how can they understand how to apply and use it to better their health and overall lives? They can't! Biometric screenings can be a starting point, but the notion they are "comprehensive wellness programs" is a falsehood that many companies are coming to realize as their employee aggregate health isn't achieving long term change! Reward based programs have short term effects, but lack the definition for long term change.

The D'fine Corporate Challenge is centered around three on-site components; nutrition, fitness and stress management. These are the positive long term health gains that reduce bottom line healthcare costs every company is looking for. We accomplish these goals by bringing the highest quality certified master personal trainers, nutritionists, stress management and professional development experts to your business location! We are also the only wellness program with a "family Extension" component for enrolled participants. Find out why we have the highest adherence, growth and return rate per dollar invested of any program in the United States!